Photography for websites

Inspirational images?

If you can't get excited about the photographs on your website, it's unlikely they'll inspire your customers either, who may simply take their business elsewhere.

Here's how you can make a real difference.

What's best for you?

What do you need to show on your website – and to whom? What do your customers or clients want to see and what do they need?

Good-looking products?

Including a slideshow, or movie clip may also be worthwhile. It's your website and anything's possible!

If you are aiming to sell products of any kind, they should be photographed and presented in a way that will increase the likelihood of them being bought. At least they ought to look good, so if you have access to (and permission to use) manufacturer's studio photography, take advantage of it.

Consider having a series of photographs to demonstrate different product features or to suggest the benefits that will come from their use or ownership. And be sure to illustrate any advantages the products have over competing items.

Service Excellence?

If your business provides services of some kind, the same principles apply. In this case, how can you persuade potential customers to place their business with you, rather than with a competitor?

What sets you apart?

In some industries or businesses, there may be fewer obvious defining factors. Nevertheless, consider ways in which you could show how customers will benefit from your service. It's entirely possible that your competitors' websites may show none of these things, which could leave you well-placed to win more business simply by you highlighting them. It will give customers confidence in what you do.

How to pick the perfect shots

Commission (or take) photographs that best illustrate the features you'd like to convey to customers in order to win their business. Ensure that they are well-taken by being particular about lighting, sharpness, angle and composition; and watch-out for distracting reflections and shadows etc.

Remember, if one picture doesn't tell the complete story, add others either as a slideshow, movie clip, or montage.

DiY or Pro?

If you are handy with a camera and know how to get the best from it, there's nothing to stop you from taking your own photographs and building your own image library. Otherwise, commission the services of someone who does have the ability – and, most importantly, understands how to use that imagery to promote your business, not just for your website but for your other marketing requirements too.

Taking the right shots is just the beginning...

You want what's best for your business, so why settle for less?
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