Logo Design

Successful, Dynamic, Efficient, Global?

Whatever your aspirations and however you want your business to be perceived, your logo and branding will play a crucial role.
If your brand image is old, tired or embarrassing and in need of a corporate facelift, get in touch and we'll be happy to work with you and inject some fresh ideas that could make a world of difference.

...or is yours a new business?

If so, it's important that it gets off to a flying-start. How well you present your business can help to give your potential customers the confidence to do business with you in the first place, so don't just make-do, get the job done properly. You're likely to be competing against established businesses, so you'll want to make a great impression from the beginning.

What makes a good logo?

Simple and distinctive is best. It's easy to be seduced by clever effects and multi-colours, but remember that your logo should always look good even in the worst situation, such as on a photocopy or fax – and it should still be recogniseable even when it's tiny (or viewed from a distance). Start with a simple design that can do all this, and it can easily be enhanced for other situations, but if you start with something fancy, you may have difficulty when you need to simplify it.

When you're choosing colours, make sure they'll work well together, and also that the design will still be effective in a single colour – perhaps for vinyl graphics, and even as black only, for black and white press advertising.

Think also about any other requirements you may have, such as embroidery on corporate clothing. The more thought you put into it, the more successful your logo will prove to be. But if design is not your strong point, don't hesitate to get in touch. For basic logo design, we'll provide you with a full set of digital artwork in various graphic formats to cover all different requirements you may have. And for a full branding or corporate identity service, almost anything is possible – including animation for video, online or PowerPoint presentations.

You want what's best for your business, so why settle for less?
For advice on Logo Design and Branding, call: 01555 840083.

Gordon Lang


I'm Gordon Lang, and I'll personally be guiding you and your business towards making the most of the fantastic opportunities the internet provides. Get in touch, and discover how investing in design tailored to your needs can make a real difference to your business.